DocShield 3.0.0: Document backup, recovery, management, disaster prevention, ftp

DocShield 3.0.0

Shield`s operation can be described as "passive" because it will never delete nor modify your shielded documents. "Snapshots" are stored in a compressed archive, which DocShield can be configured to keep in more than one location, or remotely through FTP for added protection. The archive of shielded files may exist on a local disk, a network disk, or other storage devices. For DocShield to begin shielding documents from disaster, you must first select

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The Shield Pro 2009: Provides essential virus protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats.

The Shield Pro 2009

Shield Pro 2008. The Shield Pro 2008 gives you 1 year of protection and PCSecurityShield gives you all the free technical support you need to successfully protect yourself. The Shield Pro now comes with Easy Installer, to make download and installation simpler than ever before. The Shield Pro 2008 gives you both virus protection and hacker security by providing ongoing support and updates. When a virus breaks out, The Shield Pro 2008 will provide

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Folder Shield 2003 1.3: Folder Shield enables you to make folders completely invisible!

Folder Shield 2003 1.3

Folder Shield enables you to make folders completely invisible! Folder Shield can be used to hide any folders completely and securely. Your documents are invisible, and hence no longer accessible, as soon as the relevant folders have been hidden with Folder Shield. Just specify all confidential folders, activate Folder Shield`s protection and all folders will be hidden and your sensitive data will be protected against unauthorized access.

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Password Shield 2.5.0: Protect passwords from employees and spyware. See who accesses which sites.

Password Shield 2.5.0

Shield is that employees must sign onto Password Shield with their own individual password. Password Shield keeps a log of all the passwords that person uses. If any suspicious activity occurs in the account, you can check the log to see who was using Password Shield at that time. Another nice feature of this program is that many spyware keyloggers cannot intercept a password sent from Password Shield to a program or Web site, because Password Shield

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ID Directory Shield 3.5: ID Directory Shield is a folder, file, registry, services and monitor tool.

ID Directory Shield 3.5

Shield, a perfect application for you to keep constant track of all your files and folders. Actually, the ID Directory Shield application automates all your files based tasks, saving you a lot of time and effort. By monitoring one directory that you select, the software will track it and if any changes occur, it will automatically save a copy of the file into a selected location. In addition, our ID Directory Shield can backup and restore the changes

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ChicaPC Shield ChicaPC-Shield destroys malicious software and restores your PC in minutes

ChicaPC Shield

Shield quickly finds and remove any hidden threats that could be harmful to your PC - for FREE! ChicaPC-Shield protects your computer from hostile, threatening and damaging invasions. The quick scan option detects if your PC is infected within minutes. ChicaPC-Shield is updated regularly to ensure that even the latest threats are detected and blocked immediately. ChicaPC-Shield is powered by Malwarebytes` state-of-the-art anti-malware technology.

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PC Registry Shield 1.6.39: PC Registry Shield is a Registry Cleaner and PC Speed Optimizer.

PC Registry Shield 1.6.39

PC Registry Shield is a Registry Cleaner and PC Speed Optimizer that utilizes advanced technologies to analyze and fix PC errors and registry malfunctions.Download PC Registry Shield and Scan Your PC for FREE! PC Registry Shield will LOCATE & FIX the following: Empty registry keys, Useless file extensions, Invalid file associations, Invalid startup programs, Invalid fonts, Empty uninstall entries, Invalid shared dlls, Invalid add/remove

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The Shield Deluxe 2011 14.0.23: Combines antivirus and spyware detection methods with proactive technologies

The Shield Deluxe 2011 14.0.23

Shield Deluxe 2011 is installed and set up in a matter of minutes, while the context-sensitive help function helps users quickly understand the finer points of the program`s capabilities. Moreover, the program regularly notifies users of its current protection status and gives recommendations for dealing with virus epidemics and potential threats. PCSecurityShield provides free technical support for The Shield Deluxe 2011 customers as well as all

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Folder Shield Extra Security 2.0: Protect Your Important Files and Folders with Extra security.

Folder Shield Extra Security 2.0

Folder shield is a robust utility that`s designed to protect your important folders and document in a very easy to use and innovative way. If you care about your privacy and data Security folder shield is for you. You can protect and secure your important documents and folders from being accidentally damages such as virus infection and other unauthorized access. Shield your important data in office home and multi-user Environment easily.

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ArovaxShield 1.3: Notifies you about all the Major online threats tried to penetrate your System

ArovaxShield 1.3

Shield software is dedicated to protect the home user`s privacy. Arovax Shield is a brand new type of personal security solution that is unlike to any firewall, anti-virus or spyware remover. Rather than looking for spyware traces or tracking applications that secretly send or receive data over the Internet, Arovax Shield blocks any attempt by malicious software to add entries to the auto-start menu, change the registry, hijack or install itself

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